Remote Access

We can set up your company to allow remote users secure access to services and applications hosted inside your business network by utilizing any of many different software or hardware based Virtual Private Network (VPN) products.

We also offer remote support capabilities that will allow us to securely view your screen as if we were sitting in front of your computer. This gives us the ability to see exactly what you are experiencing and eliminates confusion or misunderstanding when describing a problem.

Our remote support solution will even work if you are behind a firewall, and is completely secure since you trigger the remote session yourself and all traffic is encrypted before being passed across the Internet.

We have also had great success with several customers setting them up with a variation of our remote control application for their own use. Imagine that you’re at home and you need access to something on your computer at work – it is possible to access the data on your work computer, it is also possible to transfer files from one computer to the other for local access.  It’s even possible to print something on your remote computer to a printer that is located locally.

All of this is possible while maintaining security through use of a password and encryption of all traffic.

If you think something like this application would be of use to you while supporting or training people in remote locations, a version of this software can be customized for your use, often significantly cheaper than competing solutions..