Lotus Notes / Domino

Lotus Notes / Domino is an excellent groupware application that can handle email, shared calendaring, shared task lists, and customizable database and application sharing for companies that range in size from a handful of people to hundreds of thousands of end users

Up until recently, IBM considered any company with less than 10,000 employees “beneath notice” but changes have been made to the licensing structure so that even companies with 2 or 3 employees can afford to utilize this software, sometimes at a significant cost saving compared to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

We have been working with Lotus Notes / Domino for many years, acting as the primary Administrator and Designer for a Bay Area corporation. Our accomplishments include integration of multiple Domino domains into a single tightly integrated domain to increase efficiency of the primary Application and Mail servers of the corporation, numerous upgrades of the Notes/Domino infrastructure, and completely changing the way data is shared and distributed throughout the organization.

We have designed many databases, including dozens of price lists that take the data provided by vendors and display it in a much more friendly and easily searched manner, increasing the efficiency of the sales staff. We have also designed and implemented numerous applications to improve the inefficiencies of many processes that employees deal with on a daily basis.