You shouldn’t have to think about your computers and network beyond how you use them to run your business.  If you have to worry about how they function and inter-operate, you’re not able to focus on running your business.  We address these concerns for you so you can take care of the business of doing business.

Although there are many “qualified” IT professionals, there is still a large need for our services because of the lack of quality service and genuine care for the customer provided by our competitors.

We believe in working with our customers at every opportunity to help improve the quality of service provided, and we strive to provide the same quality of service provided by having an in-house, full time, IT department.  This includes full documentation of everything imaginable, provided to the customer upon request, and formal Procedure Documentation when required.

A Message From Kurt

“My name is Kurt Tomicich and I’m the owner / lead technician at KRT Services. I’m familiar with just about every aspect of Windows based computing and networking.  If I’m not the one who actually works on your system(s), I am always available to all of our technicians to lend a hand.  Over the years, I’ve come to the point where nothing scares me when it comes to computers – if I haven’t dealt with it before it might take a little time to research the issue, but I haven’t been stumped yet by a new application or configuration.

I got my start in computers over 20 years ago, just as something to do, and found that I had a passion for it.  I ended up working in Inside Sales at a filtration solutions provider in the Bay Area and, as time went by, I was doing more and more computer work after hours and on weekends.  As the company grew I eventually landed the position of “Data Processing Technician.”

As the company continued to grow, so did their use of computer systems and my own job responsibilities.  I eventually became Manager of Information Systems, with a crew of 3 full time technicians (and various consultants) to support hundreds of people in 12 locations across the Western United States, all offices being connected into a WAN with the use of various direct lines and VPN tunnels across the Internet.

The whole experience has led me to an attitude of “no fear” when it comes to new things, and has taught me many valuable lessons regarding interaction with end users, the importance of organization and documentation, and the intricacies of managing large projects.

I created KRT Computer Services in 2001 so I could pick up side-jobs and do consulting.  I eventually left my full-time job as Manager of Information Systems to devote all of my time and energy to KRT Computer Services.  The interaction with different customers and the variety has been tremendously rewarding and now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

If you would like to know more about me or KRT Computer Services, please Contact Us.